John Salmons

Art and Entertainment Panel


Salmons, played opposite Derrick Rose for several seasons as a shooting guard with the Chicago Bulls where he averaged 18 points a game. Salmons also played with the 76ers, Bucks, Kings, Raptors, and most recently (2014-2015) with the Pelicans. Salmons ranks in the top 10% of all time scorers in the history of the NBA/ABA.

As a social engineer Salmons focuses on many business and social initiatives that make a significant impact. He owns several MidiCi Pizza franchises and is an adviser for Three Squared Inc, a leader in innovative real estate construction.

Salmons is focused on bringing his 3D formula of Desire + Diversity + Discipline to the entrepreneurial world just as he brought it to every moment on the court. His entrepreneurial ambitions are the NBA equivalent of playing all five positions. His mission is to build the kind of off-the-court Empire that leverages his passions in technology, entertainment, fashion, real estate, publishing, and franchise ownership, while providing tomorrow’s leaders with opportunities for expanding their worldview. He accomplishes his goals through advising, promoting, and investing in businesses and engaging in philanthropic endeavors in the world of advocacy, grassroots organizations, and serving as a mentor for youth development programs.

John is a graduate of the University of Miami and currently pursuing his EMBA for Artists and Athletes from the University of Miami’s School of Business. He and his wife, Taniesha K. Salmons, Esq., have four children and live in the Philadelphia area.