HR and Recruiting Panel 



As the owner of two small businesses, Mylena celebrates 10 years in business this year! She utilizes her unique background and atypical network to serve clients who couldn’t be more different, at least on the face of it. She owns Voltage Vista LLC and Blush & Brushes LLC. The former provides services to established businesses that seek to address human resource compliance problems as well as leadership and alignment challenges. The latter, Blush & Brushes, is a skincare and makeup service coupled with a lifestyle blog that focuses on the needs of women in their mid-30s to their mid-50s. She uses both businesses to work on her singular passion: working with people to guide them toward a conviction where they embrace the reality that their point of view (the way they frame a problem or situation) is the most powerful weapon that they have. Indeed, Mylena supports many of her clients and colleagues under the guise of, “I won’t get the ox out of the ditch for you; however, I can help you get the ox out of the ditch as long as you believe that it can be moved and are committed to the work of moving it”. Quintessentially, regardless of the hat she’s wearing (whether it’s acne that is challenging a 40+ year old woman’s confidence or a supervisor who just cannot seem to connect with the team), Mylena’s objective when working with clients is to use her expertise to help them see a path forward, get them on it, and assist them when they become stuck.


Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Mylena is a graduate of the University of Georgia (Bachelor’s of Arts in Sociology) and the University of Kansas (Master of Public Administration). She has lived in New Jersey for 15 years. Before starting her businesses, the overwhelming majority of her professional experiences involved public sector organizations. For example, she has worked for Georgia General Assembly, The League of Kansas Municipalities, The Township of Willingboro, New Jersey, and The City of Camden, New Jersey. Through Voltage Vista LLC, she has worked across all job sectors, public sector, nonprofit, and corporate institutions, to provide trainings on topics ranging from “issues and practices that will get you sued” to designing and facilitating leadership retreats to fulfilling adjunct professor roles to designing and teaching a course for prospective entrepreneurs. On the other hand, after working with a prominent Philadelphia dermatologist as a licensed esthetician for several years, she added on-site skincare services (specifically, chemical peels) to Blush & Brushes LLC which was originally “just” a bridal makeup business. In 2014, after witnessing far too many training session clients who seemed to be asking their employers to help them address intrapersonal conflicts, Mylena began offering the annual Reflect to Refocus Retreat to colleagues and individual clients as a personal growth workshop to enable them to access her leadership building services in a non-corporate and intimate atmosphere.


As Mylena continues to build her businesses, she is pursuing her long-range passion project which is to become a diabetes educator. As she painstakingly revises her relationship with food and embraces an active lifestyle, she wants to share her support other people who feel overwhelmed by the debilitating disease, whether they actually have it or fear developing it. Mylena’s personal heritage is such that her very southern family culture is largely built around comfort food, an absolute rejection of all things exercise, and a perverse acceptance of obesity, knee and hip problems, high blood pressure, and yes, diabetes. Known for frequently quipping, “Dying with my toes”, Mylena is committed to changing that assumed demise for her own life and participating in a broader fight that “Lets US die with OUR toes”. In her free time, Sutton hikes, cycles, and hosts “dessert and wine parties” for the purpose of experimenting with new recipes and facilitating her belief in the theory of loose ties.