Dr. Joi C. Spraggins

Women's Panel 


Joi C. Spraggins, PhD is recognized as a legacy leadership expert in global diversity inclusion, leadership, communications, public policy analysis and civic engagement. She is the President of Legacy Pathways, LLC, an innovative global diversity and inclusion management consulting and training firm. Customized services include strategic planning, program administration, leadership development, communications, global diversity inclusion economic opportunity, training and job creation plans. Focused industries include aerospace, aviation, NASA-Related STEM education, health, energy, communications, information technology, sports and advanced manufacturing.


Legacy Pathways’ mission is to provide cutting-edge products, services and solutions that accelerate its clients’ legacy leadership and global competitive advantage with greater sustainability. The results help leaders build their Legacy, Pathways and Footprints (LPF) through people, performance, profits and collaboration. Legacy Pathways’ non-profit arm, Legacy Bridges is a NASA-Related Career and Technical STEM Education, Job Creation, Research and Development Ecosystem.


Legacy Leadership is a forward-thinking arena in which leaders set the tone for accelerating into the future by executing strategies and solutions that build upon positive international and sustainable socio-economic growth. The results help build a global 21st Century workforce development talent pipeline while positively benefiting humanity on earth and in space.


Dr. Joi®, her motivational trademark name, is a consultant, keynote speaker, trainer, civil rights activist, journalist and author. She is recognized for the establishment of Legacy Pathways – Legacy Bridges’ Small Business Global Diversity Inclusion, NASA and the Astronauts Legends and Trail Blazers, Women of Color and Sports Legends STEM Education Ecosystem. Through cross-sector collaboration, legendary legacy and industry leaders, government, small businesses, trade organizations and academic institutions engage in “best practice” knowledge transfer that stimulates NASA-Related career awareness, technical research development, and job creation for students, veterans and sports personnel in transition. Her decision to partner with NASA-related industry partners stems from her believing that – through global diversity and inclusion, our Mission is Possible to stimulate sustainable economic growth while contributing to humanity on earth and in space.


Joi C. Spraggins received her Doctoral Degree from the American Society of Christian Therapists and earned her Masters of Government Administration (MGA) from University of Pennsylvania’s Fels School of Government. She is a member of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s Diversity Inclusion Advisory Council Small Business Opportunities Training and Workforce Development Committee. She serves as Chair, Global Diversity Inclusion, for Strengthening Mid-Atlantic Region for Tomorrow (SMART) Mid-Atlantic Region and International Markets; Co-Chair of the Mayor’s Commission on African and Caribbean Immigrants Affairs, Women’s Leadership Council with a focus on Ghana and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations. Dr. Spraggins is a member of the National Society of Blacks in Engineer (NSBE) and serves as a NSBE Space Special Interest Group (SIG) Board Member, Director of Public Relations and Public Policy.


Dr. Joi® is a global diversity inclusion advocate for workplace equality, private/public small business partnerships, and job creation for the minority diverse communities. She is a frequent speaker-facilitator for national conferences and public policy forums. Her audiences include business, trade organizations, government, women, faith-based, educational institutions and sports. She co-authored, Mission Possible! Learn How To Reach Your Potential with Stephen Covey and Brian Tracy. She was recently featured as a Speaker at the 2017 National NSBE Conference - Space SIG “Hidden Figures” Breakfast as well as is featured in the NSBE National Conference Magazine Article “NSBE Partners with Legacy Pathways for NASA-related Research and Training”.


In November 2000, Dr. Joi® received the NAACP National Voter Fund “The Flame Burns Brighter Because Of You” for helping SELMA, Alabama voters take their rightful place in American History. In 2013, she was nominated as a Champion Change Agent under the President Obama Administration. In 2015, she received the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus Civil Rights Achievement Award in recognition of her global diversity and inclusion advocacy. In 2016, she received private/public partnership recognition for her 2016 BEYA Conference Pre-College Programs in support of BEYA’s 30th Anniversary, Philadelphia, PA.