Kirill Vaks

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Kirill has been in the sports performance and fitness industry for over 10-years. He started his journey driving house to house, storing equipment in his car to train clients. Kirill then moved into a small 350 sqft room located in the back of a Smoothie King.

After completing his Bachelor's degree at Rutgers University, Kirill moved to into a 3,600 sqft facility in Voorhees, NJ. The move to a larger facility presented many challenges. After stabilizing, in the new facility, he wanted to create a space for trainers in his position the ability to have their own space without the headaches of owning and managing a facility. He partnered with long time friend, Alex Garashchenko, to open Trainer Hall, coworking space for the health and fitness professionals.

Kirill is currently looking to move his original sports performance business into a 12,000 sqft facility and is planning the next Trainer Hall location.