The summit was designed to rapidly advance business, careers, and organizations, in cities across the nation into the Innovation Economy. We started in Philadelphia by exposing the urgency of establishing stronger tools, attracting talent, building a more-defined pathway for entrepreneurs and new ventures is mission-critical for Philadelphia and other cities.

We need to Accelerate every industry locally and nationally for us to compete Globally.

Envision | Innovate Locally | Integrate Globally

NOVEMBER 18, 2016
At the prestigious Pyramid Club
1735 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103


One-Day Program Agenda
The Summit will include general sessions, keynote addresses, networking opportunities with small business owners, executives, exhibitors, federal, state and local business centers and resources.

Global Entrepreneurship Week
The Global Acceleration Summit is a proud partner of the Global Entrepreneurship Week Organization.



Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Rapid change is happening. Widespread, nonstop innovation is impacting every aspect of your life. You see the Internet of Everything (IoE) transforming every industry around people are trying to determine there role, what they can do, how they can participate, the need to learn and maximize there position inside tremendous change. The Acceleration Summit is designed to give immediate tools, skills, connections and knowledge to get better-positioned to win.

Establishing stronger tools, attracting talent and building a more-defined pathway for entrepreneurs and new ventures is mission-critical for Philadelphia. Presently, Philadelphia is ranked 34th in Start-Up Activity, 17th in Main Street Entrepreneurship, and 21st in Growth Entrepreneurship by the Kauffman Foundation. In other words, compared to other NFL/MLB cities, Philadelphia is near-bottom on the statistics that matter most in the Innovation Economy.

To compete in the Innovation Economy, we must immediately work-together to make Philadelphia stronger for entrepreneurs and start-up companies in all industries.

Stated in the Kauffman reports, "entrepreneurs flourish in a connected, dense, and diverse ecosystem where they can move quickly to take advantage of opportunities."

The Acceleration Summit showcased the disruption that is occurring in the economy in artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and robotics.

Attendee Benefits

  • Accelerate Development
  • Accelerate Economic Sustainability

  • Accelerate Inspiration

  • Accelerate Innovation

  • Accelerate Relationships and Connections

  • Accelerate Technology

  • Accelerate Transform

Summit Focus Points:

  • Professional Education

  • Health Technology

  • Millennial Ingratiation  

  • Innovation Technology 

  • Women Business owner

Expectancy of 100 to 150 experienced and aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners, corporate intrapreneur leaders, investors and technology experts, who has an interest in increasing their revenue, building connections and accelerate leadership skills in all industries.

What our guests say

“Accelerate PHL was a phenomenal event jammed-packed with thought leaders and top executives. I learned a great wealth of information from the discussion panels throughout the day, particularly the Women’s Panel “Global diversity and inclusion in technology. Kysha is very professional and extremely meticulous. She delivers exceptional programming that educates and empowers business owners and entrepreneurs in Philadelphia.”
Chandra Deal

“The event was very informative. The types of people that you were able to bring together for this event were perfect for the topics being discussed. I think the speakers’/moderators’ backgrounds and experience helped them to be engaging and to give great information. I loved hearing about the importance of diversity mixed with general information about succeeding in the industry and running a company. Discussing both helps to appeal to a varied group of people, thus informing different types of people about the two important aspects.

I think Wework was a very cool place to have this event. It was a comfortable atmosphere that helped facilitate relaxed conversation and networking. I also liked the open discussion and Q and A that occurred in each panel.”

Dan Bartels
“The speakers were engaging and passionate.Overall, great event that I would recommend to friends and colleagues.  Should there be any other questions or concerns don’t hesitate to reach out. I appreciate your time and attention.”
Justin Pohlig Financial ​Se​rvice​s, Internal Wholesaler

“AcceleratePHL was a very informative and timely event focused on existing and disruptive technologies.  The speakers were first rate and the whole program was well-structured and enlightening.  Thanks for bringing this important, thought provoking info to Philly, Keitt Media!”       ​


Darla Wolfe Principal, Sweat EquitE, LLC
AcceleratePHL sent a message loud and clear: RIP to the past and welcome to the Age of Acceleration. It was a privilege and honor to share the podium with so many distinguished “disruptors”at the first event. I encourage every business owner, executive, educator, and public official to put every Accelerate event on their calendar.
Ira S. Wolfe President, Success Performance Solutions

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